Video Marketing and Social Media

We’re living in a highly tech-driven world where smartphones and social media have transformed the world of marketing.

With changing trends, marketing strategies have to be revised frequently to ensure higher profits, increased market presence, and improved business growth.

Video marketing has been a popular marketing strategy for a long time. Even though traditionally, it was limited to television advertisements, it has now transcended the conventional platforms. Now, video marketing is literally everywhere – YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and even Whatsapp.

Applications like Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter. have also developed live video streaming options giving businesses countless ways to interact with the audience and attract their attention. There’s hardly a social media platform that doesn’t offer video marketing as a tool for advertising and content distribution.

Video marketing is one of the most substantial marketing strategies, and market research proves that undoubtedly.

According to a Social Media Today report, internet users spend 1/3rd of their time online watching videos and video content. 45% of people watch Facebook or YouTube videos for an hour or more every week. YouTube has reported that their mobile video consumption usage tends to rise by 100% every year, while 82% of Twitter users are now inclined to watch video content on the platform.

These stats state that integrating video marketing into your marketing strategy is necessary if you want your business to grow and have a clear edge over potential competitors.

Video marketing is not a new concept, but the strategies being used by various marketing teams are continually altering, creating immense competition in the business world. Social media’s popularity has played a significant role in it as marketing teams continue to find innovative ways to use video marketing to elevate their engagement with the audience and overall reach. The main objective here is to use video marketing to keep the audience interested and connected to the brand in a simple yet extremely effective manner.

Devising a video marketing strategy is just like any other marketing strategy. It requires planning and an execution plan with a strong understanding of the process in between — knowing your audience, setting your goals, type of video content, and platform. Whether it’s a product review, interview, live session, presentation, or an ad, you have to be meticulous about timing and chosen platform to ensure the maximum impact for success.

The process is simple, but the outcome can be considerable.